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Why Managed Uptime?

Managed Uptime is the right choice for a number of reasons:

1) Our commitment - We take our commitment to our customers seriously, in fact, we've created an entire page for it. You can read more about our commitment here.

2) Industry excellence - With a management teams that has years of hosting expeirence we have all the right people taking care of every aspect of the business. Our founder, Jesse Kielhorn, has years of expeirence running other hosting companies. He has hand-picked top-tier vendors, and people, to build ManagedUptime into an example of hosting excellence.

3) Ethical practices - We are humans, just like you. Mistakes happen, outages happen. We will always do everything in our power to restore services and data as quickly, safely, and accurately as possible. Making promises we can not keep or deliever upon will strictly against our code of conduct. If we make a commitment, be it for pricing or for specific services to be rendered, we will always meet or exceed what we committed to.

4) Engineering excellence - using the best hardware for our servers and for our network and combining that with excellent people makes for a class-leading hosting experience. You can read more about our network hardware and engineering here.