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Our Commitment

Mission Statement - Managed Uptime was founded on that basis that customers should be the first priortity. Excellent customer service should be the standard, not the exception. We believe that the best marketing is a customer recommendation. We want to create a hosting experience that is so top-notch that our customers recommend us to other small businesses.

Outages - Outages are a fact of hosting life, eventually things break. It's how a company handles itself during an outage that matters. We have a 1 hour hardware replacement SLA. We will always be transparent during an outage and provide our customers with as much information as possible at all times.

Exceptional Business Ethics - Ever been lied to, or had promises made that were never kept? That is something we can say will never happen at Managed Uptime. We wnat to be your long-term hosting partner, to do that, we not only have to meet your expectations, we must exceed them.