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Our Network

Like many other high-end hosting companies, we have a 'twin network' design.

Bandwidth Providers - Level 3, Global Crossing, NTT Communications, and Savvis.

Front End Network - The public internet connects to client servers via 100 / 1000mbps ports. Each client has their own dedicated VLAN for maximum security. The front end network is continuously monitored for performance and uptime as this is where all of your clients will connect to your services at Managed Uptime.

Back End Network - The back end network is completely seperataed from the public internet. We also use private VLANs per client, again to maximize security. The private network allows you to move data between servers, perform OS updates, off-server backups, and use our network attached storage without incuring any front end bandwidth usage on your account.

Network Hardware - We use only the best products from Juniper and Cisco Systems for our networks. The border routers are Juniper M-Series. The core switching and aggregation laters are built upon Juniper ES4200 and Cisco 3750 series switches. The network is a full mesh topology and is fully redundat, front and back. The rack level is connected via Cisco switches which are bonded at the core level for extra reliability in addition to reducing potential congestion points and increasing maximum throughput.